Paul Bradshaw's GitHub Jamboree!

One day, I will make this page an idyll. For now, it's just one more placeholder.

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Scraping For Everyone

This repo contains support files for the ebook Scraping For Journalists, soon to be also published as *Scraping For Everyone*.

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Intro to GitHub

This repo contains an introduction to using GitHub.

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Things to do in R

I put together some ideas for things to do first in R. There's over 30 things now.

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A cat

That's a cat right there. Next to this bit. Unless you're on mobile, in which case it's below.

Intro to JS

This repo is a bit of a jumble, will sort it out one day.

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BBC England Data Unit

I do work with the BBC England Data Unit based in Birmingham. Most of the interesting stuff is there.

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